Best Vintage Cocktail Books (part 1)

Posted: 21/11/2012 in Food & Drinks
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20121121-112325.jpgRobert Vermeire
As a London barman in the 1920s, Robert Vermeire compiled a recipe book that has stood the test of time. Cocktails: How To Mix Them, published in 1922, includes the original recipe for the Sidecar, among other drinks that offer a snapshot of the times. What makes the book even more notable is how it catalogs the inventors of the drinks, preserving this historical information for posterity.

20121121-112858.jpgAmanda Hallay
Anything you can mix and pour into a glass is now termed a “cocktail,” but those drinks usually pale in comparison with the truly classic cocktails. Vintage Cocktails returns drinkers to an age of Manhattans, Pink Ladies, Gin Fizzes, and Whisky Sours. Included with the recipes are quirky cultural facts as well as serving suggestions, what to have stocked at your bar at all times, and how to cure the inevitable hangover.

20121121-115029.jpgThere are those who love to entertain and those who aspire to entertain, luckily this cocktail guide is for both types. Both a helpful guide and a beautiful coffee table book, Vintage Cocktails is sure to inspire the mixologist within you. It’s time to retire the cosmos and vodka tonics and embrace the Singapore Slings, Pisco Sours and Sidecars.
Unlike most cocktail guides, this book is large enough to flip open and display like an album, with easy to follow instructions and charming photos.

  1. nwkhan says:

    Vermeire’s compilation must be an interesting read

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