The Phones of The Past

Posted: 15/12/2012 in Appliances
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Candlestick Phone

This is definitely one of the designs you’d think of when you thought about old fashioned telephones. It’s a classic 1920s piece, which needs two hands to operate and comes with an external bell set to alert you of any incoming calls.

French Porcelain Vintage Phone

These are the most decorative phones in existence – often laced with gold/gilt detailing, in a typically French manner, with lots of floral patterns. There are lots of good quality replicas out there, which look very expensive indeed, and are a quirky addition to your country home.
One of these will look perfect on a side table with a big bunch of flowers, stack of big photography books and a few pretty photo frames.

Antique Replica Coffee Mill Phone

The retro styled Coffee Mill phone combines modern features with nostalgic styling. These antique style phones are a great addition to any room. Die cast with antique designs, these beautiful telephones include elegant detailing and antique style.

1950s Diner Phone

This phone is just the best! So classic and retro but all of the functions are up to date! You don’t have to pay for calls obvoiusly but it can be used as a coin bank and even jingles as you insert your money…love it!

Skeletal Telephone

Skeletal Telephone made by L. M. Ericsson, circa 1892. It was used in the Head Office of the Victorian Government Department of Mental Hygiene, circa 1900.

1905s Dial Candlestick

This is the first dial telephone. The inventor, Almon Strowger, was an undertaker in Kansas City who got upset because the operators there kept putting business through to his competition. So he developed the first automated telephone switch and dial telephones. Strowger’s company was later bought out by Automatic Electric.

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