Markus Haub transforms vintage racing pictures into the coolest car art we’ve seen all year. Artist and former car designer Markus Haub has been busy for the last years making “Racing Legends”. He takes his photos, tweaks them digitally, and then starts going wild with the prints.


He scratches, renders and paints on his pictures in a kind of Pop Art collage, not feeling very restricted in what he can or can’t put on it. We end up with blocks of color over a 275 GTB, blotches and scratches over a Miura, and drips and text spilling across a Porsche 906.


There are over 200 pieces in “Racing Legends” and they’ve been seen in Spain, Germany, France and New York. Last year the inimitable Cite de l’ Automobile, Musee National de France- Collection Schlumpf in Mulhouse, France, the world’s biggest car museum showed some of his series. Now you can find and buy his work at his new website speedstar-gallery.com







It’s so refreshing to see a new take on some of the coolest cars in the world, especially one captures the vibrancy and personality of the races that make these cars come alive.




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