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Dreamy Headboards

Posted: 27/11/2012 in Houses
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I had a dream …
It was vivid and in color too.

Talk about loving to read in bed!
This Book Headboard would have me riveted to the edge of my mattress.


If I could happen upon a cast off mantel on the side of the road, this Mantel Headboard would be perfect.


I may be heading down the Jersey shore so I can gather up supplies to make a Driftwood Headboard.


This might be a little much, even for me. But if I do happen across a 1957 Chevy …
hey, you never know, this Truck Door Headboard may be making an appearance.


Rustic wooden planks

Talk about a freebie headboard. Reclaim some old planks from a neighbor’s torn down fence, salvage yards, secondhand stores…wherever you can find them. Leave the boards in their weathered state or stain them in a hue you like. Then, simply nail them together in a pattern of your choosing above your bed. They’ll give off a rustic feel, and can look especially eye-catching with a simple message painted against the grain.

Mismatched chairs


Which is your dream headboard?
Do any give you nightmares?