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Located in Arild, Sweden, this 1970′s villa hadn’t been used for over 30 years. When the designer Marie Olsson Nylander and her husband saw it they weren’t very sure they wanted it for themselves. It took them three visits to be able to make a decision.


After they purchased the placed, they immediately started to work. They had to make some changes in order to transform this place and to turn it into their home.First they needed to tear down the old parquet flooring and to replace it with a new one. Also they wanted to open up the ceiling. They further had to renovate the bathrooms and to knock out a wall in order to build a new porch. It wasn’t easy but they managed to create a whole new place that they can now call home.







As for the interior design, it’s obvious that the two are on the same page, they like the same things and what the both like is unusual and unique pieces. Instead of choosing modern, new pieces of furniture, they preferred to use old, worn out items that had their own story to tell. They used a circular worn iron staircase to connect the two floors and opted for dining room table from Egypt and a bench that was previously an old gymnastics terminal. Moreover, everything that you see in this house has a story and the owners can tell you all about it.

Beetle road trip.


1960 Fiat 600 multipla.


1957 BMW isetta 300 taxicab.


Fiat 500 Jolly Ghia.


1938 Steyr 55.


Peel P 50 race!


Pink mini Mini!


1964 Mini 850.

The cherry red version of the 1964 Mini 850, has been shortened from 10ft long to just 7ft 10ins so owner Lester Atherfold, 67, could transport the car in his coach.

Fiat 500.


1956 Valle Chantecler.


Bubble cars.

The photograph shows two “Bubble Cars”. These were built in the early 1960’s. The one in the foreground was built under licence by a British company called Trojan.

Mini in Mustard!



A model 1015 jukebox of 1946.

The ten-fifteen jukebox of 1946-47, was the most successful jukebox ever.
This is one of the classic designs of Paul Fuller, with it’s eight bubble tubes and amazing revolving coloured cylinders.

A model 1100 Jukebox of 1948.

The last Wurlitzer Jukebox designed by their famous designer, Paul Fuller, complete with revolving cylinders, what more could you want ! Playing 24 selections on one side of 24 10″ 78s.

A Model 1700 Jukebox of 1954.

The first Wurlitzer to use the “Carousel” changer Mechanism specially designed for forty-five rpm records and played 104 selections from both sides of 52 records.

A Model 1448 Jukebox of 1955.

A Rock-Ola with all the right looks. Loads of chrome, stainless steel and aluminium. Great “clanking” mechanism with a great sound. Playing 120 selections on both sides of 60 45s.

A Model 1900 of 1956.

This model was designed in late 1955 and produced in 1956 for the centenary of the company founded by Rudolph Wurlitzer in 1856.
One of the most collectable 50’s jukeboxes with a great sound system featuring two bass speakers, a midrange speaker and a tweeter.

A Model 1455 Jukebox of 1957.

Here it is, the golden wonder of 1957. Sounds great too! Playing 200 selections on both sides of 100 45 rpm records.

A Model 1465 of 1958.

The Rock-ola Model 1465 of 1958 is a rare 200 selection machine. Rock-ola only made 200 selection machines between 1957 and 1962, they found that this was too many selections for the punters and went back to 160 selections!

A Bal-AMI Model J-200M jukebox of 1959.

In 1953 an Englishman Samuel Norman did a deal with the US Company AMI to supply and market/manufacture the American machines in the UK from his factory “Balfor Industries” in Ilford, Essex. These were known as Bal-Amis and here is a model “J” from 1959.
This machine has one of the best sound systems available in a Jukebox at this period.
It plays 200 selections from both sides of 100 forty-five rpm records.

A BAL-AMI Model K-200E of 1960.

An amazing “beast” has wonderful sound, is very reliable and has loads of chrome!
Playing 200 selections on both sides of 100 45s.

An AMi Continental Jukebox for 1961.

The Ami Continental, the new design for 1961 was advertised as:-
“A brilliant performer in the AMI tradition …… boldly designed to set a new standard of style. The silhouette is unmistakably distinctive … the lines clean and graceful … the illumination, soft and indirect, highlights the rich golden trim and soft subtle cabinet colors. The total effect is exciting … intriguing … dramatically compelling. Truly the style of to-morrow, for more play, today.”
This is a 200 selection version (on both sides of 100 45s) and has electric bush button play.

A Continental 2 jukebox of 1962.

The Continental 2 of 1962 is the last Ami produced by the firm before it was taken over and is basically the last really original design produced for a jukebox.

Gas Pumps

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Vintage gas pumps on Route 66, Dwight Illinois

Old Pure Gas Pump

Old Phillips 66 Gas Pump

Vintage Sinclair Dino Gas Pump


Old Super Shell Gasoline Pump


1950s Texaco Gus Station