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This first TV is a wonderful little 1939 HMV 904 with a 5 inch tube. the set was fished out of the rubbish pile at Exeter Recycling Centre a few years ago by one of the attendants. The TV screen had been covered up with paper (notice the rectangular sticky bits above and below the tube) and, presumably, the set had been used only as a radio.


The next set is a 1947 Pye model B16T. These sets were produced from 1946 and were the first TV that people could buy after the war.


This set is a 1949 Pye model LV20. It is a typical-of-the-age Pye 405 line TRF set. It uses a “Wedge” shaped chassis, loads of red Mullard EF50’s and a 9 inch Mullard tube.


The next set is a 1948 Ekco 9″ model TS46. The cabinet looks as though somebody has tried to tart it up a bit with liberal applications of wood “stopping” filler and varnish.


Next is a little 1949 Ekco 9″ model TS88. The tube emission is low, but it gives a very good picture, if a little dull. It’s best viewed in a darkened room.


This set is a 1950 single channel Ambassador model TV2. The set is a very unusual shape and was designed to fit into the corner of a room.


The next set is a 9″ Sobell T90 set.


This is a 1950 Bush model TV22.


Next is a 1953 Bush model TV24. The Bush TV24 was almost identical inside to the Bush TV22 (Above), although it had a bigger (12-inch) tube. When new, the TV24 was more expensive than the TV22, although now TV22s are very desirable and the poor old TV24s are not really worth anything…


The set is a 1958 Ferguson 306.


Next is a 1959 Philips 21-inch TV model 21TG100.


This next set is a Pilot from the mid to late 1950s.


This set is a 1966 HMV 2634 “Imp” and uses the Thorn 980 chassis, the last single-standard 405-line-only chassis. The set is identical in all but colour to the Marconi 4634 “Mini”, the Ferguson 3639 “Junior 12” and the Ultra 6641 “Cub”. The set works pretty well after a reasonable amount of work, although the scan coils are falling out of their enclosure causing the pincushion distortion shown in the picture.