Recycled Antique Ironing Board as a Wine Bar.

vintage wood ironing board used as entry table

Antique ironing board planter… what a great idea for those old wood boards. Love it on the porch or in the garden…

Great display idea for your room.

Vintage Ironing Board chalkboard makeover- console entrance table! Double use as a message board! |

Ironing board as towel rack.

A buffet for your outdoor party.

Beautiful ironing board table for the hallway.

  1. aerobabe619 says:

    I have been upcycling,and redoing used furniture for a couple years,love this idea.

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  3. […] Forget the starch and grab the wine instead! An ironing board is the perfect height for a little bar table outside on the patio. It doesn’t take up much room pressed against a wall, and you can easily put it away if you need more space. Find out more here. […]

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  5. […] Give life to your old ironing board!! | Vintageholic […]

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